I was asked to create a post patch checks document for Exchange Server 2010 environment. This will be helpful for those who are new to Exchange and sometimes even for experienced folks who may forget the things quite often like me J

Common checks [applies to all roles]:

  • Ping <Server Name>
    • Make sure that all the servers are reachable after the restart
  • Test-ServiceHealth -Server <Server Name>
    • Make sure that RequiredServiceRunning is True, if it is false check the ServiceNotRunning parameter and start the service which are not started
    • Follow the same for each servers by changing the server name

  • Start àRunàEventvwrà make sure that no Critical, Error and Warning events are generated after the patching
    • Follow the same for each servers
  • Disk space check for Database and Log drives, open windows powershell and use following command to get the space details.
    • Get-WmiObject Win32_logicaldisk -ComputerName <Server Name> | Format-Table DeviceID, MediaType, @{Name=”Size(GB)”;Expression={[decimal](“{0:N0}” -f($_.size/1gb))}}, @{Name=”Free Space(GB)”;Expression={[decimal](“{0:N0}” -f($_.freespace/1gb))}}, @{Name=”Free (%)”;Expression={“{0,6:P0}” -f(($_.freespace/1gb) / ($_.size/1gb))}} –AutoSize
    • Follow the same for each servers by changing the server name

Mailbox Role:

  • Database Mount status, use below command to see the database status.
    • Get-MailboxDatabase -Status | ft name, mounted

      (make sure that mounted status shows TRUE against all the databases.

  • Database Copy Status, use below command to see the database copy status.
    • Get-MailboxDatabaseCopyStatus -Server <Server Name>
    • Make sure that Status is either Mounted or Healthy
    • CopyQueueLength and ReplayQueueLength should be below 50
    • ContentIndexState should be healthy
  • Mapi Connectivity check, use below command to check the mapi connectivity
    • Get-MailboxDatabase | Test-MAPIConnectivity
    • Make sure that result shows success for production databases
  • Use switch/fail over to keep the mounted copy distributed as before reboot/patching

HUB Role:

  • Check current queue, use below command to check queue status
    • Get-Queue -Server <Server Name>
    • Make sure that queue is not more than 100
    • Follow the same for all HUB servers
  • Check mail flow
    • Check internal and external mail flow by sending a test message
  • Check for back pressure events
    • Make sure that HUB servers does not have below events after patching
    • 15004, 15005, 15006 & 15007 (back pressure events)

CAS Role:

  • Check OWA internal website, use below link.
  • Check https://mail.domain.com/owa functionality
  • Check the ActiveSync functionality
  • Check the Free/Busy
  • Check the Outlook Anywhere functionality
  • Check the Outlook functionality
  • Check OWA redirection if you have cross site setup

I hope you would have enjoyed reading this. Please provide your valuable suggestions and feedback.