Not able to connect disconnected mailbox with its corresponding AD account in Exchange Server 2010

Today one of my helpdesk engineers claimed that he was not able to connect a disconnected mailbox with its corresponding Active Directory account. He was able to connect the same mailbox with other active directory accounts successfully he added.

Clearly it says that there is something wrong with the AD account, first thing I verified whether the account is enabled or not.

Get-ADUser –Identity UserName | Format-Table Name, Enabled

There is no problem with the AD account, and also confirmed that the same AD account is not mapped with any other mailbox.

Then I came to know that they are using some long vb script for disabling the mailboxes among with few more tasks at the time of termination. Still I don’t understand why they are not using the great powershell.

Assumed there must be something wrong with the script, it might have not properly removed all the Exchange attributes and Exchange still thinks this user already associated with mailbox.

Used below command to list all the available exchange attributes of a user:

Get-ADUser –Identity UserName –Properties * | fl msexch*

As suspected msExchRecipientTypeDetails value set to 1, which indicates that this AD account already mapped with a mailbox.

I used ADSIEDIT.MSC to remove this value.

Go to run à Adsiedit.msc à connect Domain configurationà drill down to the user path à propertiesà find msExchRecipientTypeDetails à Edit (you can see 1 here) à Clear à Apply à Ok

Once it was removed we were able to connect the mailbox with this account successfully.

P.S: You will also face this issue when you are disconnecting 2010 mailbox using 2003 server.

I hope you would have enjoyed this.