Today I’ve seen an odd issue with Exchange Server 2010 Distribution Groups (DL’s). They were migrated from Exchange 2003 couple of months ago, till then worked fine. Thought of writing it because it might be helpful for someone.

The issue is whenever opening the properity of the particular DL it gives below error.

    “The properties on this object have invalid data. If you click OK, default values will be used instead and will be saved if you do not change them before hitting Apply or OK on the property page. If you click canel, the object will be displayed read-only and corrupted values will be retained”.

Now you have to click OK, if you click Cancel property of the DL will be in hidden state you can’t edit. After hitting OK check whether Alias, Email address and Membership Approval are correctly set. In my case Membership Approval was set like this.

If you see the above picture the Membership Approval set to manage only by Group Owners but when I checked Owners under the Group Information tab there was no owner set to manage this DL.

This is the reason I was getting above error, to fix this we need to change the Membership Approval settings or set the owner which I wanted to do.

Then I tried to add the owners from EMC but it gave me an error:

The group is not managed by any recipient but the MemberJoinRestricition property is set to “ApprovalRequired”.

When I tried from EMS it worked perfectly, use the below command to set the owner for a DL.

Set-DistributionGroup –Identity “Sales-DL” –ManagedBy “Kottees”

Incase if you are not able to set it through EMS as well, you can also set the same from ADSIEdit.

StartàRunàAdsiedit.mscàconnect to Default Naming ContextàNavigate to DL locationàPropertiesàScroll down to ManangedBy entryàuse DN value of the owner who wants to manage the DLàApplyàOk

After you set the owner either through EMS or Adsiedit you will be able to see the owner under the Group Information tab.

From now you won’t be getting an error message while opening the DL.

I hope you would have enjoyed reading this. Cheers!!!