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Here we are going to see how to access Shared/Additional mailbox through OWA 2010.

  • How mailbox users can access
  • How mail enabled users can access

Mailbox Users:

After login into OWA right side pane you can see your mailbox name à Click on itàtype shared mailbox name à Openà Now you can see the shared mailbox as shown in the image-3.

Mail Users:

Use shared/additional mailbox email address at the end of OWA link, say for example shared mailbox email address is shared-01@mydomain.com and my owa link is https://webmail.mydomain.com/owa

we have to use like this https://webmail.mydoamin.com/owa/shared-01@mydomain.com and when it ask for the credential give mail user credential who has the full mailbox has to shared mailbox.

I hope you remember that we cannot use shared mailbox password directly since AD account will be in disabled state.

Here “mail user” does not have mailbox but he has full mailbox permission to shared-01 mailbox.

When you click sign in immediately you can see it logged into shared-01 mailbox.

Thanks for reading, Cheers!!!