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You may get a complaint like conference room is disappearing from the scheduled assistant when they are creating a new meeting request and Room Finder is not fetching the rooms properly. I had this issue couple of weeks back, I was not sure which one was causing this issue and where to check.

I had no problem with Autodiscover, other three room finders were working fine. Only problem with one conference room and room finder. I thought there should be some connection between problematic conference room and room finder, so removed that particular conference room from the room finder list. Room finder started working, confirmed that the problem only with conference room.

By playing with Tab button I found below command which was the clue to find the solutionJ

Command to check the Calendar Configuration:

Get-MailboxCalendarConfiguration –Identity “Conference Room Name”

I got the below screenshot with warning stating that “The end time that you entered occurs before the start time. The start time must occur before the end time“.

Conference room timings were changed to inconsistent state, meeting ends before they are getting started. Most of them would be happier if it is possible in real time J

Once I set Start and End time correctly all looks good. Still I’m looking for an answer how it got changed.


Also you can see the same error by opening Conference Room Calendar settings via OWA.

To correct the time setting we can either use Powershell or OWA.

Using Powershell:

Set-MailboxCalendarConfiguraiton –Identity “Conference room name” –WorkingHoursStartTime “08:00:00” –WorkingHoursEndTime “17:00:00”

You can use your standard timings of your organization.

Using OWA:

You must have the full permission to open the Conference room via OWA since Conference room AD account will be in disabled state. Add conference room email address at end of your owa link like below.

Here you can see the conflicts of the start and end time. Change it to standard timings of your organization. That’s it issue got resolved!!!

Hope you liked it, thanks J