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Here we are going to see how to restrict the conference room from booking by all the users.

By default all the conference rooms will be allowed for booking to everyone. To confirm this use below command:

You can see AllBookInPolicy is set to true by default which means anyone can book this room mailbox.

To achieve our goal here we have to set this to false and allow only selected users whom we want to book the meetings on this particular conference room.

To set AllBookInPolicy false use below command:

Set-CalendarProcessing –identity “conf room name” –AllBookInPolicy:$false

To allow specific people to book this room use below command:

Set-CalendarProcessing –Identity “conf romm name” –BookInPolicy “username”

Now only I can book this particular conference room and by default it will be rejecting others meeting request. If you would like to revert these settings use below command:

Set-CalendarProcessing –identity “conf room name” –AllBookInPolicy:$True

Set-CalendarProcessing –Identity “conf romm name” –BookInPolicy :$None

Thanks for reading, Cheers!!!