Here we are going to see how to backup Exchange Server 2010 database using Windows Server Backup.

The above exchange server is a standalone server which is not part of any database availability group (DAG), because there are some considerations when it comes to DAG member servers.

  • Windows Server Backup does not support passive copies of DAG

Let’s start here:

Start –> Administrative Tools –> Windows Server Backup –> Choose Once Backup

Choose Different options –> Next (since you selected backup once scheduled backup options disabled)

I don’t want to take backup of my full server hence choosing custom –> Next

Click Add Items

Drill down to Exchange Mailbox Database location and choose which you would to take backup

Here I would like to take backup of DB1 –> Click Ok

Choose Advanced Settings

Choose VSS Full Backup which will purge my transaction log files –> Ok

Click Next

Choose the location where you want to save your backup, Here I’m going with remote share –> Next

Specify your share location –> Next

Now you can verify the backup summary and click Backup

Please be patient until backup gets over, it depends on your database size.

As you can see backup is completed –> Click Close

Now you can see the summary of the backup as it was successful.

Difference between before backup and after backup:

We have successfully taken the backup of Exchange Server 2010 Mailbox database and also confirmed that my log files got purged after completion of this backup.

Restoration will be covered in next article.

I hope you would have enjoyed this and thanks for reading.