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I’m sure all of you would aware how to use Powershell, but is it possible to remember all the commands? I don’t think so. Here are few little tricks to remember them easier way (not for the experts). Most of them would already know basics of Powershell works with the combination of Verb and Noun.

i.e: Get-Exchangeserver Here Get = Verb, Exchangeserver = Noun

Let’s take a scenario like you want to disable something but you don’t remember what will be correct Noun for it.

No worries use this command to get all the possibilities of Disable command:

Get-Command –Verb Disable

And the same way you would like to do something with the mailbox but don’t remember what will be the correct Verb for it. Use this command to list out the possibilities of the entire action using mailbox.

Get-Command –Noun Mailbox

I hope you would have enjoyed this. Thanks for reading!!!