Hope you all would have upgraded to Exchange Server 2010 SP2 and enjoyed its new features. Here we are going to see one of the features of SP2 which is Multi-Value custom attributes. Exchange 2010 SP2 introduces five new multi-value custom attributes that you can use to store additional information for mail recipient objects. This can be accessible only via Exchange Management Shell.

As you can see in above figure we have got five Extension Custom Attributes which will be capable of holding 1300 values in each attribute, too much really:-)

These parameters are applicable for following cmdlets:

  • Set-DistributionGroup
  • Set-DynamicDistributionGroup
  • Set-Mailbox
  • Set-MailContact
  • Set-MailPublicFolder
  • Set-RemoteMailbox

How to Add Extension Custom Attribute:

Use below command to add single Extension Custom Attribute value to a user:

Set-Mailbox <username> -ExtensionCustomAttribute1 Database1 (Here I would like to add value as Database1 )

Let’s see how we are going to add multiple values at a time:

Set-Mailbox <Username> -ExtensionCustomAttribute1 @{Add = “Database2”, “Database3”, “Database4”}

How to Remove Extension Custom Attribute:

Set-Mailbox <Username> -ExtensionCustomAttribute1 @{Remove = “Database4”}

As you can see Database4 has been removed from the Extension Custom Attribute1.

I hope you would have enjoyed reading this, Cheers!!!